Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tiny thoughts for garments.

To put on a shirt, a jacket, or dress. How it allows one to become something else, maybe better. Make clothing items for the potential other you. Realize what a prom dress can make one do, how a tuxedo can transform one. Make clothing for specific (dreamed of) situations.

Suit for drowning oneself. Modify a three piece suit. Add quilting over every surface of the suit. Instead of down or cotton or fluff, fill the quilting with birdshot.

T-shirt for disguising bleeding.

A wedding dress for Miss Havisham.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Girl Phone

I got my new cell phone today. I liked this model mostly because it was artificial grape purple. Or Grimace McDonald Purple. As a kid I always dreamed that when I hit the age of 16 I would find a VW beetle from the 60s and it would be purple and I would drive it everywhere and it as an object would be synonymous with me as an object. As a child I was obsessed by the Joker from Batman (fashion) and Prince (I thought 'Erotic City' was so scandalous. I couldn't believe it got radio play. And you know, he was awesome.). When everyone was dyeing their hair with Manic Panic and listening to 'Cannonball' over and over I halfheartedly thought that some day I might dye my hair Purple Haze (tm). I didn't because, you know, everyone else was doing it and I hate that. (xtian calls this the 'baby bird syndrome.' I may be a sufferer.)

I like my phone apart from an annoying swirl design under the front window which made me think at first that the adhesive was coming off. They just have a terrible graphic designer. Harry's phone is plain. A metallic black without any swirliness under the window.

Harry pointed out that my phone was marketed for the womenz. I just thought, oh, right. Then, ugh, how stupid.