Thursday, January 29, 2009

Action for Facebook (Not Illegal)

Find a photograph that you admire of an acquaintance on Facebook, perhaps a person you have never met. Tag that photo with your name, so that your admiration will always be linked with that photograph. So that somehow what you admire is transferred to you and strangers looking at the photograph will wonder who you are, to have tagged a picture of a styrofoam tray of silver minnows' heads with your name. Repeat until you are satisfied, until you have, in some part, changed.

The Age of Silver

The Second Phase of Sound from "Bambi's Long Journey into Night"

1. Melodies and Desires / Lykke Li
2. She's Having a Baby / The Knife
3. Plastis Wafer / of Montreal
4. Shoot Your Shot / Divine
5. Girls of War / Die Monitr Batss
6. Charge Of The Vivian Girls / Snagglepuss
7. Shake it to the Ground / DJ Blaqstar (feat. Rye Rye)
8. Hundredaire (Let U Go) / Hey Willpower
9. Tigers in the Fire / love grenades
10. Smile Upon Me / Passion Pit
11.I Was Dancing in the Lesbian Bar / Jonathan Richman
12. I Got A Thing / Silver, Platinum & Gold (Disco Re-Edit By Dimitri from Paris richard Jones, Andrae Moore)
13. The Lucky One (James Yulli Remix) / Au Revoir Simone
14.How Dark Is Your Dark Side / His Name Is Alive
15.Rolling Down The Hills / Glass Candy
16.Dans la merco benz / Benjamin Biolay
17. silver horse / Yoko Ono

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Recent Found Objects

Personal Short #8 (The Victim)

I walked over an overpass and I was going to fall from it. Then I was not allowed to cross bridges. I couldn't sit in a chair. My life, like this, turned hostile.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

"If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it."

"But what she noticed first was a bright red wooden tray with a number of rings on it. They were in pairs-- a yellow one and a green one together, then a little space, and then another yellow one and another green one. They were no bigger than ordinary rings, and no one could help noticing them because they were so bright. They were the most beautifully shiny little things you can imagine. If Polly had been a very little younger she would have wanted to put one in her mouth."

The Magician's Nephew, C. S. Lewis.

I love the way this leads up to the final sentence which is perfect and accurate, because by the end of the paragraph, the words have become so delicious, I want to be Polly and slip the shiny little ring in my mouth too. The genius of "a very little younger!"

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Personal short #7

I saw in the mirror looking at the face a face that was mine and after I was done looking it stayed after me looking after me until I was gone and it was done.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Personal Short #6

I was leaning back and she was looking at me in the face, not unkindly. She said you don't have to get rid of it but it will always give you trouble.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Note on Music.

"Music is the ferment of a particular sensitivity, very acute, as much as, and even more than, passion itself. It is a danger, a benefit for the person who knows how to take it.

I mean that its charm is irresistible, and one escapes in spirit with it so promptly into a better world, so that sometimes, without deliberation or reasoning, one can postpone the accomplishment of certain tedious acts necessary to us: 'Martha, Martha. I have never forgotten you, and I love you more than Mary. It is she who turns me away from you at her hour when she comes. I do not call her.'"

To Myself, Odilon Redon 1900

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Personal Short # 5

The dog wouldn't stop barking. I couldn't read without it barking at every paragraph break. You said you didn't feed it any more. You said you didn't know how it got in and you didn't know why it wouldn't go away.

Personal Short #4

I trained to do it. I trained by thinking and thinking.

Monday, January 5, 2009

If only she knew.

"Aloha, my friend

My happiness! I ask you, answer me!
I’m absolutely adequate and cheerful person. But the thing is that I’m working much, sometimes even too much and because of it I’m lack of men attention. I’m catastrophically out of time for my private life and to build my own happiness. That is why I have to use power and might of the modern life – Internet. My only desire is to find a Man, the real and desired one. But otherwise this is not an end in itself. In man I appreciate the good sense of humor and even can forbid some shortcomings if he will be able to make me laugh. Do you want me to cook for you? You are right!
My dishes will effect you! Do you want to have pretty woman nearby? You will be dazzeled by my beauty. Believe me, I am your treasure!"