Saturday, February 16, 2008

Pop Music Experiment (Serial/Vday)

Is love (as it relates to yr. world view) wholesome?

Please select one of each of the following *and keep track batch:

A. A statement:
1. Love is a sickness
2. Love resembles death
3. Love is (ultimately) lonely and distancing
4. Love is an imaginary mirror

B. My ideal:
1. a fork
2. a knife
3. a spoon
4. a plate

C. Love makes another statement:
1. “I was seventeen when I felt the countdown start . . .”
2. “I take a drive in my car. . . I see the sun disappear . . .”
3. “As a child, I knew that the stars could only get brighter, and we would get closer . . .”
4. “Your breath: it rests inside of me.”

D. If it has to end, let it end:
1. with “love and understanding” in the bitter cold
2. with gasping for breath and chanting
3. in a motel room, waiting
4. with rain falling on homeless kitties

E. A position in love:
1. “Cut ‘love me’ into your breast . . . crush an ashtray into your breast . . .”
2. “I hate my body. I hate the desert.”
3. “Turn away from it all.”
4. “You’re unsure if he’s legal”

F. A desperate moment:
1. “Take my VCR. Take the keys to my house.”
2. “A beast that doesn’t quiver anymore . . .”
3. “Why can’t we all just be alone? Why doesn’t everybody just want to be alone?”
4. “Sober: you’re old and ugly; Shit-faced: who needs a mirror?”

G. The end:
1. opiates
2. razor blade/bathtub
3. skyscraper
4. lake/leadboots

H. The best:
1. “On the roof drinking zinfandel . . . I feel awesome, so give me five!”
2. “Extra pork . . . push in the tape . . . turn it up so it bumps!”
3. a “double chocolate cone!”
4. “I just wanna dance!”

I. Revenge:
1. “Your worst enemy gets killed by ninjas.”
2. “stabbing . . . with a stake”
3. “going back to blonde”
4. “don’t bite me in the face”

J. Best place:
1. “close to givin’ in”
2. “in the backseat of yr car”
3. “tied to the headboard”
4. “center stage”

K. A pain:
1. “ . . .you don’t wanna see me no more”
2. “engulfed in flames”
3. “Not believin’”
4. the one “you can’t control”

L. A conflict:
1. “I was thinking we should sleep in separate beds”
2. “pretty, petty thieves”
3. “We don’t know how to love without fear.”
4. “If you hold me close, you’ve got to hold me up.”

M. A food:
1. “a free Tootsie Pop”
2. “Hardee’s”
3. “crumbs from your table”
4. “strawberries, cherries”

N. A group:
1. “[the kids in the park aren’t innocent]”
2. “tan and blonde and seventeen”
3. “The broken-hearted”
4. “Smiling faces; no cares in this world”

O. A regret:
1. “The dreams in which I’m dying are the best I’ve ever had.”
2. “I can hear them clawing at the window.”
3. “Whether he heard, I’ll never know.”
4. “So many songs we forgot to play.”

P. In a disco track:
1. Kylie Minogue cooing and breathy / echoey handclaps / honky tonk piano / (Woo!)
2. cold, empty, swooning synthetic strings / “bring my baby back home” / cigarette smoke in a dance club and Italian horror film actress
3. Opening handrums from “Everything She Wants” / Best walking anthem since “Stayin’ Alive” / Alison Moyet gets channeled
4. Janet Pre-Miss Jackson if yr nasty / also exuberant, muscular sonic fantasies about bleeding to death / (Woo!)

Q. A flower:
1. Wood Anemone
2. Poppy
3. White Hyacinth
4. Narcissus

R. An Andy Gibb song:
1. An Everlasting Love
2. (Love is) Thicker Than Water
3. I Just Want to Be Yr. Everything
4. Shadow Dancing

Tally yr. score with amts. of each number and post the results in the comments plz.
(discs in fabrication)


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Jason said...

Butterfly gets 'love is a sickness'

and the first to respond so . . . maybe a bonus too