Thursday, March 20, 2008

On Repeat (once I finish listening): The Kills

An album that fills you up with the understanding that you can only hear an album for the first time for the first couple listens before it becomes familiar. You want time to stop, or to read a book page by page slowly, forcing yourself to stop mid chapter to prolong the enjoyment. Chewing very slowly.

I am halfway through the new Kills album, "Midnight Boom" and am filled with a sort of giddiness that can only come from a new classic. Now she's singing about dead ponies. Or a bed pony. Both suit me well. Ah delight!

Double Plus Good! Massive!


SoirBleu said...

When did you become such a horse enthusiast, Teenage Girl? All you write about is horses. I am not a fading horse. Centaur. I am a talking horse. Whoops! Bought horse meat. Dead Ponies. My god, man. this isn't the Bambi Chronicles, it's the Pony Chronicles.

Jason said...

Duh, if I read the track list I would have know that it was alphabet pony. I guess I just like middlingly large mammals. Who knew?