Saturday, June 28, 2008

Things I miss in Seattle (ongoing).

  1. the possibility of seeing the grandes dames of Pho Bang: Ursula Android and/or Jackie Hell
  2. Pho
  3. walking down the sidewalk with coffee
  4. my Grace Jones poster(s)
  5. listening to music through a stereo rather than bad computer speakers or headphones
  6. Presse/Baguette Box
  7. talking to Miss Kiana
  8. karaoke
  9. Bambi Parties
  10. Happy Toast
  11. receiving disturbing films through the mail and watching them when I get home from work
  12. the fact that the entire city of Seattle does not shut down on Sundays


OCD OD said...

So come home already! (please)

Kai Carver said...

oh but you have a delicious blog!

OCD OD said...

I'm writing poetry again. Feel free to rip me a new one