Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Aloha, my gentleman . . .

"Aloha, my gentleman!

The most important thing a man can do for
his woman is to show
the love to her...
I like optimistic people who smiles
even when something is going wrong.
That is what I am always trying to be.
I believe that true love exists
and perfect relations between men and women
are possible. I am sure my
soul mate is looking for me and we will
be happy together. I want him
always to take care of me, to be
kind and honest, loving and tender.
I am of that kind of people who like making
small miracles for their
beloved. I like traveling and I hope
my soul mate to share my hobby.
Theatre is my passion! I dreamed to be
an actress but it did not come true.
Now it is just my hobby. I
also enjoy listening to music, watching
movies, dancing.
I am fond of cooking, and I do it
perfectly. I like to be at home
and to make it cosy. I am fond of flowers
and animals and I want to have a
lot of flowers in my future
house. I would like to find a strong,
intelligent, patient, faithful
man. I want to meet a man who
would not betray me one day.
He must be so loving, so
kind hearted and so tender that I
could not imagine my life without him.
Take a look at me

Do svidaniya

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