Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The moment before--

The tension of the beat and never following through with an event-maybe the rap is the event?-the beat slides back and churns on itself, never progressing beyond the absolute, the sustained moment of waiting for the next. A perfect, horror filled video, all suspension. All suspense holds a terror. The context transforms it. All is in transit, almost unaware of the next thing, but also linked with the next, inevitable thing. The image occurs as if the image before it has not, but the thing before it buoys it forward (all suspense!) and when the music changes into the triumphant "I know I'd rather complain" (I believed, until I looked up the lyrics, that this song said 'I'm in love / rollercoaster.' Ah, slippery language) all surges forward, and you are ready for it and it is a payoff that does and does not. And maybe it is only the silence at the end that works as the payoff and the release.

I also love "every little defect gets respect."

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