Friday, August 8, 2008

The difference between me and Harry as demonstrated on a train tray-table.


OCD OD said...

But which one is which?

SoirBleu said...

Clearly the one on top is Harry and the one below is Jason. First, I don't think that Harry would leave his tray a mess as much as Jason would, although that's not necessarily proof. The second reason I think so -- a protracted effort in logic so bear with me -- is this: the tray on top is being eaten by someone on the left. This is apparent because the cell phone is facing that way, and the sandwich bites are that way. Alternately the tray could have pulled down from the seat in front. Either way, the wine is on the left, and Harry is left handed, so it would make sense that his wine would be close to his dominant hand. Likewise, the other tray, whether positioned sideways or vertically, the wine is on the right, and Jason is right-handed.

After all that, it's going to be very funny and I will be embarrassed if I am wrong.