Friday, August 8, 2008

Illegal action for Facebook #3.

Create a new Facebook profile. Write down a list of names that might be a potential spouse or lover or one night stand. These may not be people that you know personally, they must be an image of a name. Let the name. Be daring and dangerous in your choices, also be conservative in others. Imagine how you could couple with any of these names, the long and short terms effects these names would have on who and where you are now with your life. Ask these names that you search for to be your friends. Examine the differences between your hope for the way that person looked and how he or she appears in his or her profile. Imagine that person having some of the qualities that you bestowed upon their name. If you think it, perhaps it is so.

An example: I searched for Bruno.


OCD OD said...

I think I would go for Christian, Thaddeus and Hermes.

SoirBleu said...

You would search for Bruno, wouldn't you. You and your thuggish criminals.