Monday, November 24, 2008

A to B

I try to keep personal effects or mopings off the blog-- it just seems like airing dirty laundry. Maybe this isn't true that I do this, but I like to think that I do, that these trivialities are not interesting to anyone except myself. But this is not triviality.

I may or may not have lost one 14th of my music library through an annoying iTunes guerilla attack. Specifically all music from A-B. That includes but is not limited to: All Antony, Bjork, Built to Spill, Beyoncé, Bahamadia, Art Brut, Bonde do Role, ABBA, Aretha Franklin, Anna Oxygen, Bronksi Beat. Also, any and all collaborations between Bjork and Antony. It may or not have been through my own dull headedness, but I think not.

Watch for me in a black armband, and with ashes in my hair in addition to the already scarred forehead. I feel numb. I need (myth of) closure.


Kai Carver said...


but from lemons... can oulipian deejaying be far behind?

Jason said...

No, already happening. I have the playlist of organs (heart, lungs, guts) and many playlists get arbitrarily arranged according to alphabetical order or ascending song length. And I've thought about the playlist that only has songs that run exactly 1:59 seconds, or three minutes. And this event will certainly rearrange my top 50 songs of all time.

Alicia said...

i can still feel the pain and despair i saw and felt when you told me this news. technology, brother.. it can't be trusted.

anthony and bjork. they'll be back. but til the return... rip