Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hours of Work

For the Upcoming Bambi XX-Travaganza I am asking that attendees bring a small plate or large platter of goodies, either sweet or savory. Hopefully these will be finger ready, one bite bitlets. Creativity encouraged! Sweet or Savory little cocktail nibbly preciousness. Sign up in the comments what yr. bringing so there won't be overlap. I will make some things also, just not quite sure what yet.


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Dana said...

6:55 pm Saturday night. Typed "one man one jar" into google. Clicked the first result. Watched 53 seconds of Perez Hilton eating peanut butter. Waited for it to become disturbing, realized than my heart was beating a little faster in anticipation of misuse of the condiment. Concluded that while watching Perez Hilton's tounge molest peanut butter was indeed disturbing me, this was not the site.

6:55 pm, saturday night. Returned to google by clicking the back arrow. Clicked on the second result from the original inquiry. Noted the time, 3 minutes and some odd seconds. Adrenaline started mildly flooding my body as I realized that there could be something so disturbing that I couldn't handle 3 minutes of it. Clicked on the screen, a bit nervously.

Read the warning, "this has been identified as an attack site." and continued to understand that some kind of virus could infect my computer if I proceeded. Chickened out and closed the window.

Conclusion.... After an hour of leading comments given to me at work, and the false start provided by Perez and the peanut butter, I have built up the experience promised by "one man one jar" to the point of fearful avoidance, which is the first stage of developing a phobia. Used excuse of avoiding a computer virus to validate my pre-phobia of this man and this jar. Will attempt again with a system of support in place, i.e. alcohol, a curious companion, and an emptier stomach.